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At l’Effet Monstre, we’ve developed a particular expertise in the creation or tailor-made solutions, specially designed to propel our clients on the road to success. Every assignment starts with the analysis of the specific needs and goals of the project. That is how we manage to offer services that fit everyone, like the development of a custom intranet/extranet application, seamlessly integrated in the company’s architecture.

Boutique Surmesur - Web Application

Surmesur is at the crossroads of tailoring and technological innovation. For the customer, it is an exceptional offer in terms of choice of fabrics, templates and options, allowing him to create his own range of suits while giving free rein to his imagination.

For Surmesur, it was a whole new challenge, especially in terms of management: inventory of thousands of fabrics and accessories, customers’ data, order status, production synchronization, communication with providers overseas, etc.

The custom application we designed for Surmesur offers a complete and centralized management of their activity as a whole, via an efficient system, meeting their specific needs.