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Surmesur is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Specializing in the custom manufacture of men's clothing, the company offers a shopping experience that is both distinguished and fun. The infinite potential of creativity offered by technology is integrated into the classic character of custom tailoring.

L’Effet Monstre is proud to be part of Surmesur’s marketing, achieved through a new storefront. This web universe is comprised of multiple proprietary tools, such as an online store offering multiple features, among which a 3D viewer. It allows the customer to become their own designer, to visualize the result of their creation and order directly at any time. In order to promote efficient management of customer data, sales and inventory, the Effet Monstre team linked the online store to the company’s internal system.

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Programming & developpement
HTML5 & CSS3 Integration
Responsive adaptability
Content manager
Online shopping
Search engine optimization
User management
Document management
Product management
Web hosting
Technical support
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