Who we are

At l’Effet Monstre, you will not only find affordable web and marketing solutions

But also innovative ideas.

L’Effet Monstre is the unique result of the encounter of two visionaries, passionate about information and communication technologies: Yohan Poliquin & Raphaël Théberge, creative shareholders. With over a decade each of business experience, mostly in the field of web solutions, as well as marketing, printing and video production, they decided in 2013 to merge their audacity and talent and found l’Effet Monstre.

Our mission

Behind the scenes, the Effet Monstre team stays busy, accompanying you in the realization of your projects, meeting your marketing and web solutions needs. We work closely with each of our clients in order to offer solutions that are both efficient and customized. Should you aim at promoting your brand, sell your products or services, broaden your market or seduce a brand new one, our team will produce a work of quality that will match your expectations.

Our promise is that our expertise is one of your most precious assets.
Our job is to impress you, leave a terrific imprint!

Yohan Poliquin

Yohan is audacious, creative and intuitive. What inspires him? To make your dreams a reality. No matter how complex your project is, he will find a way to push the boundaries of technology. Thanks to his solid experience in management, he knows how to instill in others the need to surpass themselves. Passionate and rigorous, he has the energy necessary to innovate.

Raphael Théberge

After setting up a web company, graduating in physics and chemistry (with honors) from McGill and climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Raphaël decided to put forward his scientific spirit to serve his first loves: technological innovation and business. A brilliant and ambitious leader, his pride is being part of the entrepreneurs’ success.

Passion, curiosity and transcendence. Our team nurture these values in order to surprise you, no matter the magnitude of the job. Our mission is to be the stepping stone of your success, because what matters to us, is you


Our development process includes a validation mechanism, intervening at different steps of the creation in order to offer a recognized quality assurance.


We not only aim at meeting your expectations; we believe it is our duty to exceed them.


Our team is led by an ideal and each step of the development must reflect it. Our work ethics go hand in hand with meeting deadlines.


We pay close attention to the trends in order to develop the most efficient and original solutions.


We are proud of our expertise and our talents, but remain convinced that a handshake and a smile are just as crucial to good business relations.


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