Web development

Our web developers are attentive to your needs and ready to work on a Web solution that will meet your objectives! Our strength lies in our development method; we work with the conviction of being innovative when it comes to Web design.

Our diverse validation steps and the implication of our customers in the entire design process ensures transparency and eases the global understanding of the steps related to the development of your project, no matter its complexity.

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Video Production

Nowadays, videos are important communication tools. Having strong impacts on the Web and on television, they provide you with a great visibility to reach a new clientele, or to connect with your audience to inform them, teach them, or celebrate the moment with them.

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''A picture is worth a thousand words'' is a saying perfectly relatable to graphic communication. Our objective is to help you stand out in your market, with the utmost attention to detail.

A distinguished solution resulting from a competitive analysis of your market, combined with our promotional strategy. You will possess all the ingredients to a perfect communication recipe for clear communication with your audience.

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Web Hosting

Easy to manage through its multi-function administrative panel, your Website will be stable and accessible 24 hours a day. Emergency technical support in French is included. Your website will be hosted on servers located in Canada, and powered by GREEN POWER (renewable energy).

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Offering a wide range of products, our environment-friendly printing solutions are technologically advanced. Our commitment to quality will meet your expectations, whether you are choosing offset, digital or large format printing, or our various finish options.

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Facebook Application

Facebook’s reputation is second to none. Top one of social networks in terms of popularity, you need the tools to survey or reward your clientele.

Quizzes, questionnaires, picture or video contests, surveys, sweepstakes… the possibilities Facebook applications are endless! Regardless of the chosen solution, gather the information about your customers in your database.

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Interactive 3D viewer

At l’Effet Monstre, every project is unique, and the proof is in its treatment. The diversity of the intelligences composing our team leads us to tackle the projects given to us from a multitude of perspectives. This approach allowed us to become experts in designing tailor-made solutions.

Particularly appreciated by our clients, themselves offering custom products, this service is aimed at all the companies that, in their field of expertise, try to push the limits, re-define their place, upset the established order with an idea, a vision, an innovation.

Our team has a broad range of skills at their disposal to design a solution that fits your needs. From the development of intranet or extranet applications to the creation of websites or videos, to setting up an e-commerce platform, we are rethinking our use of every tool available so by putting them all together, we can produce the most efficient solution.

If we work hard to take on our clients technological challenges, it is because we too aim at pushing the boundaries of innovations.

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Google Apps for work

This online service allows you to work from anywhere, on any device. Google Apps for Work is the ideal tool for small and large companies wishing to improve productivity, logistics and teamwork. Benefit from the synchronization of all your devices and work on your documents, or any other file, from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. We are Google Partners and our qualified team is always available to help you migrate to this technology.

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Intranet-Extranet Application

Effective communication is essential to the success of a business. Each company is unique and has unique needs. We aim to understand your situation and provide you with the most suitable solution to your needs, whether for an intranet or extranet project.

Our custom applications are fast, secure at various levels, portable to allow further development, and meet the code’s assessment and optimization standards, regardless of the programming language.

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