At l’Effet Monstre, every project is unique, and the proof is in its treatment. The diversity of the intelligences composing our team leads us to tackle the projects given to us from a multitude of perspectives. This approach allowed us to become experts in designing tailor-made solutions.

Particularly appreciated by our clients, themselves offering custom products, this service is aimed at all the companies that, in their field of expertise, try to push the limits, re-define their place, upset the established order with an idea, a vision, an innovation.

Our team has a broad range of skills at their disposal to design a solution that fits your needs. From the development of intranet or extranet applications to the creation of websites or videos, to setting up an e-commerce platform, we are rethinking our use of every tool available so by putting them all together, we can produce the most efficient solution.

If we work hard to take on our clients technological challenges, it is because we too aim at pushing the boundaries of innovations.

Boutique Surmesur – 3D designer menswear

Although it is revolutionizing the men’s textile industry, Surmesur also stands out by its use of technology. 

In order to effectively manage the bulk of data received by its shops, online as well as on the field, the Effet Monstre team developed a unique and centralized application aimed at facilitating the company’s global operational strategy.

The application encompasses the customers’ information, such as their address and phone number, the history of their creations and most importantly, their measurements, taken by the ingenious 3D scanner. Each order is then automated with the supplier overseas. The tool also manages the company’s reports, sales, inventory and accounting.

Meeting all of Surmesur’s management needs, the application is aimed not only at administrators and sales advisors, but also at their customers! Thanks to the connection to the central system, all the customers’ actions are linked; from their online creations to viewing the final result in the 3D visualizer all the way to the presence in-store. Here’s a well-spun web!

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MATH Sport - Creator sports chassures

We believe that a tailor-made service must do more than just meeting the customers’ expectations; it must allow them to distinguish themselves. Thus, for Math Sport, we’ve developed a web universe reflecting an intelligent creative experience.

The interactive visual designer that we conceived allows the user to create many combinations fitting his or her profile, then order them directly. Thanks to responsive design, the visual designer can be used on any device connected to the internet, from computers, to cell phones, to tablets.

The custom shoe meets both physiological and cosmetic needs. Math Sport: A shiny brand, from head to toe.

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Boutique Surmesur - Touchscreen TV

Since its beginnings, Surmesur pushes the boundaries of custom mens’ clothing design. Lately, the company sought to improve their clients’ experience. In store, they could order the clothes they previously designed via the hundreds of options and the thousands of fabrics, but they could only see the finished product once it had been delivered. To solve this problem, our team developed a tool allowing the visualization, on a 80-inch touchscreen, of the clothes they virtually created. Innovation and creativity at their fingertips.

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Sport Invictus - Creator of football gloves

Success is a recipe of which few know the ingredients. Sport Invictus is part of the chosen few who know that details matter. By offering tailor-made American football gloves, the company allows athletes of all levels to push the boundaries of their excellence.

Through the interactive visual designer that we have integrated into the Sport Invictus website, each football player can go online and create gloves tailored to their specific moves on the field, ensuring optimal performance!

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