They trust us...

Our clients are unique, however, they have this in common: they chose to trust us. And they made the right choice.

Every day, the mandate given to us by our clients is the realization of their ambitions. They know that, at l’Effet Monstre, they benefit from the diversity of our intelligences, be it technological, digital, graphical or human. Beyond our skills, what distinguishes our practice is our professionalism, quality and passion for innovation that motivate us.

We are proud to exceed the expectations of the companies with which we work and overcome the technological hurdles they meet. Thanks to the strategic partnership we establish, we develop solutions that fit the business realities of each of them in order to achieve their ultimate goals.

Groupe Proxim Proxim
Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Québec
Dectro International
BBQ Québec
Voyage À Rabais
Bougeotte & Placotine
La Boutique Du Lac
Place De La Cité
Play n Trade Video Games
Place Alexis Nihon
Fondation Québecoise du cancer


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