Boutique Surmesur - Intranet-Extranet Application


Surmesur stands out by its rewriting of the custom men’s clothing creative process. Its strength lies in the wealth of its offer and its forward-thinking use of technology.

The need for a centralized management in a personalized environment

The whole Surmesur concept lies in the exception; L’Effet Monstre had to develop a virtual solution just as exceptional. This is how the intranet-extranet application tailor-made for Surmesur was born.

The Surmesur application

Both an internal management and an external interaction tool, the application is the corner stone of the whole company’s operational strategy. This efficient tool centralizes the activities management of all the company’s branches.

Management of multiparty relations:

  • Clients: the application deals with account management, archiving of the data and clothing creations created online, manages orders placed online…
  • Suppliers: manages inventory and orders, shares information thanks to the connection with every supplier’s internal system…
  • Employees: Administers teams and hours, direct connection to the daily management system, simplified daily tracking…

Surmesur’s operational management:

  • Order management, including everything about their shipping and receipt
  • Automation of the orders placed online by clients, thanks to the integration of the 3D viewer into the application
  • Creation and tracking of invoices

 Management of Surmesur’s business activities

  • Data analysis
  • Reports creation
  • Accounting administration
  • Usage diagnostics

These various features exist together within an intuitive and dynamic interface, aimed not only at managers and employees, but also online users.

Being unified, the tool simplifies and optimizes the whole company’s business activity, by, for instance, allowing to shorten the orders’ processing time. The application is especially useful to managers, thanks to the reports it allows to generate, be it for accounting or data analysis purpose.

Several other benefits of the personalized application:

  • Reduced time between online creation and receipt of the created product, since the application centralizes management and receipt of the orders, the clients’ information as well as the overseas suppliers’ inventory.
  • Client experience improvement, reduction of the employees’ tasks, increased sales, due to the automation of the clothing orders created online by users of the 3D viewer.
  •  Scalable application, updated regularly in order to ensure the company’s efficiency, the application can be modified or improved according to the requests and the needs, in accordance with a company constantly changing and growing.-          Centralization of management: simplification and improvement of the tracking performed by managers, improvement of the tracking quality, decrease of the error rate, task and time optimization.
  • Instant connection to the application through the Internet, without the need to download or install special software, guaranteed accessibility to all users from their favorite browser on the platform that suits them.
  • Tailor-made management tool: as needed, respectful of the specifications in order to be part of the philosophy and the mission of the company.
  • Reliable and secure management tool: ensures the protection of data.

The development of the Surmesur personalized application required three assets dear to l’Effet Monstre: flair, know-how and imagination!


Web design
Programming & development
HTML5 & CSS3 integration
Responsive adaptability
Content manager
Online shopping
User management
Document management
Product management
Technical support
Project management


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