Boutique Surmesur – Créateur 3D de vêtements pour hommes


Surmesur is the secret ingredient that, in recent years, has allowed men to distinguish themselves. Specialized in tailoring custom-made men’s clothing, the company offers its customers this little je ne sais quoi that appeals and captivates.

The company stands out by revolutionizing the shopping experience, thanks to its online store, proudly created by l’Effet Monstre. Offering a multitude of fabrics and cuts, a wide selection of collars, pockets and buttons, the shop constitutes an unlimited creative and appealing virtual universe thanks to its 3D viewer. This tool gives the customer the opportunity to be their own designer, according to their aesthetic requirements as often as they please, when and where they want, and then to easily order the result of their creativity.

To increase the profitability and performance of Surmesur, we connected all customer information to the company’s intranet that we had previously designed. In order to increase the competitiveness of the company, we have directly connected the bulk of orders to the overseas suppliers’ system, thereby speeding up the production of the anticipated garments !

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