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When BougeotteetPlacotinelaunched its operations in Quebec City, the executives contacted l’EffetMonstre to create a website that would be as innovative as their company. BougeotteetPlacotineis unique, as it is the first perinatal fitness center of the region specially designed for new mothers and mothers-to-be. We needed to design a Web environment that would represent the trust value exuded by the company to its targeted clientele. Our team worked in concert with Bougeotte et Placotine to implement product, user and document management features to their site, as well as to offer mothers the opportunity to purchase memberships and packages for the various classes and workshops, and shop online.

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Web design
Programming & developpement
HTML5 & CSS3 Integration
Responsive adaptability
Content manager
User management
Document management
Artistic direction
Visual identity
Graphic design
Web hosting
Technical support
Project management


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